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  • NASM Certified: Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Group Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.
  • 5+ years aerial experience on various apparatuses; Including but not limited to, aerial hoop, rope (Corde Lisse), straps, and aerial + tension pole.
  • Aerial Star 2022 – Level 4 Adult Lyra Division – 1st Place
  • 3+ years teaching all ages and levels; aerial hoop, flexibility+mobility and circus fitness.
  • Video and Live Performance Experience in ambient and full act production.
  • Trains currently in dance, aerial, bodyweight calisthenics, and vocals/singing.

My Story:

My name is Nicole. I am a freelance performing artist, model and fitness professional. I was born and raised in Louisiana; where stepping outside the norm is not typically smiled upon. Being raised in such a conservative state inspired me to always reach for the bizarre and odd side of life. My heart belongs to the wind, as I love to explore and learn new things. Deity Soup was birthed from my experience in my 20’s. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed Bipolar and OCD but I neglected meds and even the diagnosis for awhile. So as one can imagine, my 20’s were a chaotic time of rash bad decisions, compulsive behaviors and a wide range of emotional states. I truly felt like an incarnated deity in a huge stew dissolving into my surroundings. Movement and arts have always the grounding elements in my life.

When I walked into aerial arts, I knew I found something amazing. As someone who grew up playing sports, this was totally a new way of moving for me! It was a way to not only challenge myself in familiar ways, but also a beautiful way to express myself. So my obsessive side took over and I dove in head first.

While I did train many aspects of movement, aerial hoop was at the heart of it all. After my first year I wanted to know more about how the body moved and how to optimize my training. This lead me to getting my certifications through NASM. Which I expanded further on with courses on motivational techniques and private coaching. I even did a year long reiki mentorship to understand the subtle and energetic body more and how that ties to our movement through life.

Jumping forward to today, I train numerous aerial apparatuses and movement disciplines. I even have the privilege of getting to teach and assist others along their journey; as well as traveling to train in wonderful new spaces myself! I’m currently moving forward into video performance art and looking to tell stories through the art of movement, music and film. I plan to accomplish and share in so much more over the coming years. I hope to create things that not only myself, but others can also be proud to be a part of.

-Yours Truly